Terracotta Aluminum



has a truly avant-garde line of terracotta
brick slips and perforated bricks with a large choice
of colors, sheens and materials. This innovative, lumi

nous and textured skin provides entirely is astonishing.
The glaze has a magnificent transparent sheen that
reflects light and gives a unique elegance and height
to the building. Besides the very low porosity (< 6%)
of the glaze provides an excellent resistance to graf

fiti and cleaning. Hand Moulded Made to the high

est professional standards, the hand Molded range
paves the way towards new horizons. This new line of
bricks and brick slips gives elegance, substance and
character to both traditional and contemporary
architecture. Three finishes are available: Classic, a
sanded finish to bring out the natural look of Terra

cotta, live, with stripped skin to give the structures a
contemporary touch, antique distressed products to
keep the ancient walls alive


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