Automatic Doors Aluminum



:Revolving Doors

A revolving door typically consists of three or four doors
that hang on a central shaft and rotate around a vertical
axis within a cylindrical enclosure. Revolving doors are
energy efficient as they prevent drafts (via acting as an
airlock), thus preventing increases in the heating or cooling
required for the building.[1] At the same time, revolving
doors allow large numbers of people to pass in and out.

: Sliding Doors

The Sapa name is synonymous with the very best in door
design and our latest sliding patio doors are no exception.
Made from the most durable and strong material, Aluminum, our door systems offer long-lasting and highly secure
performance, guaranteed.

:Folding & Swing

Aluminum Sliding / folding doors are stackable folding
doors of multiple panels that slide and stack neatly to one
or two sides.
This allows for a seamless transition between indoors and
outside entertainment areas free of any barrier or obstruction.
With multiple combination openings of up to 10 or 12 meters can be easily managed.


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